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Guarracino Spinet

Guarracino Spinet

Guarracino was a Neapolitan builder from the second half of the 17th century. He seems to have specialized in these rectangular spinets. Nine of them survive in museums and collections. The case sides are of cypress dovetailed together. The original instruments have a four octave range with a bass 'short octave'. The version pictured here is with a chromatic bass and a range of C-d'''. The string layout has been carefuly designed to give the most resonant sound. The result is an easily transportable instrument with a sound similar to a harpsichord.
where to see original Guarracini spinets

Listen to the Guarracino Spinet:
A. Gabrieli (wav)
Frescobaldi La Monica(mp3)

The instrument can also be supplied with an outer case and stand. Guarracino Spinet
nameboard The keyboard is available in boxwood or bone